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Barbed 1" Female Hose Thread Adapter

Barbed 1" Female Hose Thread Adaptor

The Barbed 1" Female Hose Thread Adapter is used during the installation and maintenance of the laundry to landscape greywater system. It is connected to the greywater tubing 1" mainline and a garden hose is threaded into the fitting, Water is sent through the greywater tubing system to blast out any clogs, or when first installing the system to adjust outlets to get even flow.


Barbed 1" 90 Elbow

Barbed 90 Elbow

Used to make sharp turns with the tubing. Since fittings add friction loss, its better to try and create gentle turns the tubing can make with out kinking or needing a 90 elbow (when possible).


Barbed 1" Male Adapter (MPT)

1" barbed male pipe end

The Barbed 1" Male Adapter (MPT) threads into the 3-way valve and the barbed end inserts into the 1" washer hose.

It is also used to create two zones in the landscape in conjunction with a 3-way valve. In this application thread three Barbed 1" Male Adapter (MPT) into all three sides of the 3-way valve and connect the greywater supply line into the middle tee. The handle can send greywater to either one zone or the other.